[Lyrics] Dremo – TouchDown Lyrics

[Lyrics] Dremo – TouchDown Lyrics


Oh Lord oh!
Yeah, I’m bout to go a quick one oh

Just touchdown on the lantern
Now we back to the matter
You know what we do manna cooking in the studio
CodeName Vol 2 back to scatter
Ace land we bout to mash up
Bad man don’t need no bouncer
Gimme my money for I enter
Niggah beta **** I don do the cash out
Been sipping on Johnny Walker
Bout to fvck somebody daughter
Skales mo Ajebutter
If you no go fvck sa re bota
Gat four pills in my section
Gat a problem with this election
If you don fvck with the threesome move, that’s cool
Fvck yah in different round rooms
Buh I gat bred no be boasting
Now bad gyal feel dey toast me
No dey Fvck with the broke bitch
Cause she feel steal your chain when you go sleep
Girl, why don’t you come over she say make I pay for her cab to OffDollars
Now I’m turned off the one I wanna do yah
Cause you can’t call you dams off her Uber

Balloon, Trees are burning up
Touchdown to turn up
Watch badman Fvck shit upon site Dem go think say na pornhub
Omo Naija Americana
I feel my girlie from Ghana
She carry front oni idi rabata
Ama ama ama own bitch no be Karma
They ask me when I’m coming back to Naija
When I finish making all the dollars
When I finished recording my next project cause for Naija my head no to dey Balance
Volume 2 bout to be a madness
Tell Jomo Finalis we gat this
Rose Gold like a Catholic
Real Niggahz no catfish
Soon touch down in Nigeria
Walahi, I miss all of mi Niggahz
I miss all of my female friends too both the pancake yansh and the biggers
When I get back we na link up
No dey smoke again make we drink cup
I gat any in my link up
They say I kill whether make my Melanin Pop

Ayayayaa, yeah
CodeName soon na touchdown
Volume 2 soon na touchdown

Even Terry said thus below!
One, Two, Three, Four
Four and Half
Five, Yeeba!
I turn
Rappers into Singers
Singers into Rappers
I’m not amazed by cunny rappers
So I’m back to running this game with the higher phase
That I’ma retouch in the master game in Jenifa raise to the third power of Tacha
Lyrics gat me calling **** so lost in powers
Vote myself in power
Hot to kill like Ghost In Power
Soapy freestyles in the bathroom for over three hours
Gat the gift for my african queens, no be flowers
Time to fumigate, the game is for rat and snakes
As I walk through the valley in the shadow of ehh!
They start to debate like who’s the best rapper in Africa
Rappers in Africa? I ain’t tryin to rap back with yah
I no be battle rapper, I ain’t tryin to clap back at yah
In the street producer, I aint tryin to stay back uh!
I’m hijacked inna couple of more salmons
Bringing in more dramas
Make sure my streaming got more numbers
So how do you like your thunder
To all the rappers that used my name in vain thunder go fire you for yonda

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