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[Lyrics] The Weeknd – DBS OCT Lyrics


I know ’bout your pain, no
Was did after me
She get her boys and said no
And I don’t never wanna say you no

She got a gun on her hands
She get them boys out the stands
But just to give up and smile
Said she’ll ever do that she gotta a hold, no
Said I don’t know why did that anymore
She didn’t know what to say then
And i don’t even wanna say so, no
She said who are to me, I mean it
I don’t know, I feel it

Digging them out
And now we both on the road
She got me zoning
She said no no no no no
No no no no no
No no no no no no no no no
Where do I go? (x5)

From here
She got that blow
She got that blow
She got that blow, did it low
Said wanna know
Said where do I go?
Where do I go, no

She got that blow
She got that blow
Said where do I go?
Where do I go?
Where do I go?
Where do I go?
Where do I go on me?

Even Terry said thus below! INTRO:-
One, Two, Three, Four
Four and Half
Five, Yeeba!
I turn
Rappers into Singers
Singers into Rappers
I’m not amazed by cunny rappers
So I’m back to running this game with the higher phase
That I’ma retouch in the master game in Jenifa raise to the third power of Tacha
Lyrics gat me calling **** so lost in powers
Vote myself in power
Hot to kill like Ghost In Power
Soapy freestyles in the bathroom for over three hours
Gat the gift for my african queens, no be flowers
Time to fumigate, the game is for rat and snakes
As I walk through the valley in the shadow of ehh!
They start to debate like who’s the best rapper in Africa
Rappers in Africa? I ain’t tryin to rap back with yah
I no be battle rapper, I ain’t tryin to clap back at yah
In the street producer, I aint tryin to stay back uh!
I’m hijacked inna couple of more salmons
Bringing in more dramas
Make sure my streaming got more numbers
So how do you like your thunder
To all the rappers that used my name in vain thunder go fire you for yonda

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      Nice one weeknd

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