(Lyrics) Wale Turner – Back At It Lyrics

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Ppppreeeeeh! Uhn


Wale Turner

Uhn! Uhn! Uhn!

Una dey do I too know buh he normal

Eyin werey e de mo jackshit

Leave all the trash for LAWMA

And leave Akogbe to dey pack shit

When you hear the name Wale Turner give me respect


To ba ya wa ni mo rude buh ki n shey be

Ewo ni ke de party, ke ma sora yin di guest

Eleyin lion buh Runtown fi yin shey pet

Because I cold like something wey dem keep for fridge oh

Iriwi yen, e tun fe pe mi fun fish oh

Human being we no dey practice wetin we preach oh

Because everybody Na motherfucking hypocrite oh

Te ba gbe eni style wa, gbogbo eh la ma bayin ko

Shebi elowo abi, manager mi lo ma sha yin gan

Eni ti irun eh ba sun seyin, o ma di apari gan

Eh n shebi e fly gan, ama Kan Apa yin Kan
Odabi pe ******** , emo pe music yiii sweet

O ma n rin mi giri giri anytime ti ba n spit

Ai moye show l’eko, tell ham sweet
Omodun melo ni mi ti ma ro wipe mo ma quit

Eyin fans mo mo pe eti miss mi

Emi ko ni mo n shey hit Omo Jesu Kristi ni

Ai nishe lowo, lo mu won fe diss mi

Won lama ni problem, shey eyin je reminisce ni

Joko sori closet , fagbo kowo live scores

Ma wo ju uche jo, Ogbeni dem no like us

Oge o easy even Tattoo ma n dun yan

Ishe Omo ti pari to ba ti mo handle eh

Mensho swi co to n pu mavi

I was a small boy buh now look at me

Ina the club oh or pool party


Ba shey n mu Hennessey, we dey do Palmie

Pull up in the whip no be pankere!

ATM pin no be Abeere

For example, shey na apeere

Hold up mu won like Sun kere Fa kere

If you wanna fake it in school, but trust me you gon celebrate niggah soon

Shalla si awon DJs mi ti won repeat Orin mi bi pe mo fail ni school

Wale Wale Wale Turner

He’d be wishing for burner

Me I no dey dull, I dey do my thing sharply

Won ni mo like owo ju yes exactly

Am back at it (2x)

Was gone for a second buh now am back at it

Am back at it (2x)

Won ma ni Wale Turner eh alagbari


Wale Wale Wale Turner

He’s be wishing for burner

Even Terry said thus below!
One, Two, Three, Four
Four and Half
Five, Yeeba!
I turn
Rappers into Singers
Singers into Rappers
I’m not amazed by cunny rappers
So I’m back to running this game with the higher phase
That I’ma retouch in the master game in Jenifa raise to the third power of Tacha
Lyrics gat me calling **** so lost in powers
Vote myself in power
Hot to kill like Ghost In Power
Soapy freestyles in the bathroom for over three hours
Gat the gift for my african queens, no be flowers
Time to fumigate, the game is for rat and snakes
As I walk through the valley in the shadow of ehh!
They start to debate like who’s the best rapper in Africa
Rappers in Africa? I ain’t tryin to rap back with yah
I no be battle rapper, I ain’t tryin to clap back at yah
In the street producer, I aint tryin to stay back uh!
I’m hijacked inna couple of more salmons
Bringing in more dramas
Make sure my streaming got more numbers
So how do you like your thunder
To all the rappers that used my name in vain thunder go fire you for yonda

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