Watch The Moment Bobrisky Was Attacked By Some Nigerians At An Event In Dubai

Popular Nigerian Cross Dresser, Bobrisky was verbally attacked by some Nigerians at an event in Dubai.

According to the video, the people were seen cursing Bobrisky in Yoruba language but Bobrisky didn’t mind them as he continues walking with his friend to the event party!

Some reactions by Nigerians are below:

His lifestyle may not be the best and you may not agree with it but you have no right to verbally or physically attack anyone

Keep trolling him until he removes his nails, wig and eyelashes and face u… You go knw say man na man

Personally I’m not a fan of LGBT/cross dressing, but you don’t go around harassing people. Allow them live their lives of it doesn’t affect you.

Watch the moment here

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